How is redefining the face swap industry?

Beyond Public Models: Private Models Enhance Face Swap Similarity by Over 20%

Our custom-built models have undergone over 5 years of relentless effort and continuous optimization, surpassing industry standards. With more than 27 iterations of optimization, these models ensure the best face-swapping similarity and accuracy. Having served over 200 million users, our custom-built models provide efficient and accurate face-swapping services. Whether you're an individual user or an enterprise client, our custom-built models can meet your face-swapping needs and deliver the highest quality of service and experience.

Custom Face Swapping Solution: Outstanding Performance in Over 16 Challenging Scenes

Many faceswap websites use open-source models. These models perform well in simple face-swapping scenarios but cannot handle Challenging face swaps.

To solve this, we've designed an AI face swapping model tailored for Challenging scenarios. Our private model, trained with deep learning and extensive experimental data, is optimized for 16+ Challenging video scenarios. It addresses various challenges such as occlusion, different angles, changes in expressions, lighting conditions, and the naturalness of facial features, ensuring seamless face swaps in any situation.

Challenging Scenes 1

Dealing with Occlusion

Natural occlusion (such as glasses, bangs, beards): Using advanced image recognition, we precisely handle partial face coverings caused by glasses, bangs, or beards, making the face swap look natural and harmonious.

Artificial occlusion (like hands covering eyes or mouth): The model intelligently recognizes and adjusts to situations where the eyes or mouth are blocked by objects, finely tuning to match the original facial expressions.

Challenging Scenes 2

Angle Adaptation

Full-angle recognition (including side faces, looking up, down, or lying flat): No matter the angle of the face, our model accurately identifies and adapts, ensuring a natural and seamless face swap.

Challenging Scenes 3

Expression and Facial Feature Naturalness

Expression adaptation (closed eyes, wide open mouth, sticking out the tongue, etc.): Specially optimized to adapt to various expressions to ensure faces are recognized and that facial expressions remain natural and realistic after swapping.Facial detail (details of the face, teeth, eyes): A detail-focused training strategy enhances the naturalness and realism of facial features after swapping.

Challenging Scenes 4

Lighting Adaptation

Lighting adjustment: The model can smartly adapt to different lighting conditions, ensuring a high-quality and natural final face swap.

Challenging Scenes 5

Video jitter

Stable video face swapping: DeepSwap uses advanced video processing technology to perfectly solve the video jitter problem even as the original face moves quickly or the facial expressions change.

Challenging Scenes 6

Unswapped frames in video

Due to the complexity of facial pose and expressions, the face detection may fail, resulting in some frames in the video not being face-swapped. With advanced facial recognition technology, every frame in the video is perfectly face-swapped.

Elevating Quality: 1080P Output Supported, 4K Face Swapping Coming Soon

Our cutting-edge technology not only supports 1080P output but also paves the way for the introduction of 4K video face swapping, ensuring that every detail is rendered with stunning precision. Stay ahead of the curve with our commitment to delivering the highest quality visuals for your creative endeavors.

Accelerated Face Swapping: Complete Your Projects in Record Time

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to process a one-minute video in as little as 9 seconds, setting a new standard for efficiency in the industry. While other products may take half an hour or even longer, DeepSwap ensures swift completion of your projects, saving you valuable time and effort.

Leading Multi-Face Swapping: Support for Up to 6 Faces in One Video

We're changing the game by making it possible to swap up to 6 faces in one video, unlike many other tools that can't handle multiple face swaps. Here's how we're doing it with our own advanced technology:

Algorithm Upgrade

Significant enhancements have been made to facial recognition and clustering algorithms, improving feature recognition under challenging occlusion and lighting. This ensures seamless face swaps even in challenging environments. Our optimized facial clustering algorithm enables precise handling of up to 6 faces in a single video swap.

Custom Model

A deep learning model tailored for multi-face swapping significantly enhances likeness and realism. Optimized model design boosts processing speed and output quality. The model excels in varying lighting, expression changes, and dynamic interactions, ensuring natural and coherent swap results.

High-Performance Computing Support

High-performance GPUs and cloud computing resources have been utilized to meet the computational demands of multi-face swapping. This enhances processing speed, enabling the handling of large video volumes quickly and efficiently without sacrificing output quality.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality control and testing procedures are in place. This guarantees face swaps that are natural and cohesive, devoid of noticeable flaws or unnatural elements.

Commitment to Privacy: Safeguarding Your Data in the Digital World

In this digital age, protecting user privacy is not only our promise but also the core principle behind our actions. Understanding the importance of privacy, we have implemented stringent measures to ensure that your information and privacy rights are fully protected.

  • · Strict Data Access Control

    Only you can access your uploaded faces and other data. We ensure that no one but you can see this information.

  • · No Use of User Data for Training

    We pledge not to use any of your uploaded facial data or generated faces for our algorithm training or any form of data analysis.

  • · One-Click Data Deletion Mechanism

    You have complete control and can at any time delete all your private data with just one click. We guarantee that after deletion, there will be no data backups or remnants left, ensuring your information is completely erased, leaving no trace.